Learning and the Body

May 20, 2014 9:00:00 AM Mirais Holden Ontological Coaching

Learning and the Body Way of BeingIf you think about it, whenever you have learned to do something new in your life, that learning has happened in your body. Do you remember when you first learned to ride a bicycle? You did that learning in your body, through experience. You couldn’t just read a book about how to ride a bike. You had to actually get on the bike and ride. You felt the grip of the handlebars. You lost your balance, tipped over, and got back on, again and again, until you learned to ride. With this concept in mind, we can make some claims about learning and the body.

Claims About Learning and the Body:

  • The body is a place where learning happens. 
  • The most meaningful learning in our lives happens in our bodies, through experience.
  • By listening to our bodies, we can learn to do things differently and create the results we say we want in life. 
  • In any moment, we can ask ourselves: What is my body trying to teach me?

Learning Through Emotions:

  • Emotions happen in our bodies.
  • When I feel deep sadness, I feel it in my body, and I may even begin to cry.
  • What is my body trying to teach me?
  • Perhaps my sadness is a result of my having lost something that was valuable to me: a person, a relationship, a new opportunity, etc.
  • If we are willing to allow our bodies to experience our emotions and to acknowledge what is going on with us, we can give ourselves the opportunity to learn about what really matters to us in our lives, about what is truly important to us.
  • Have you ever been totally blind to how much some person or thing meant to you until your body experienced a particular emotion about that it, and suddenly the true value of that person or thing was revealed to you?

Learning Through Discomfort:

  • As human beings, we spend our entire lives unconsciously training our bodies to behave in certain ways and to be comfortable or uncomfortable with certain things.
  • When I am uncomfortable, what is my body trying to teach me?
  • When we begin to pay attention to what makes our bodies comfortable or uncomfortable, we gain access to powerful learning about our way of being in the world.
  • With this new insight into our way of being comes new choices to take different action and to create the results we say we want in our lives.  

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