How to get lasting change in your life?

Blog_Image_Weigh_OptionsHow to get lasting change in your life?

Ontological Coaching is the practice of teaching you to focus on being before doing.  This is called
 your way of

being. The expression way of being refers to how we are at any point in time.  In particular, way of being refers to
how we are observing or perceiving the world around us. The relationship between your way of being and observing shapes your behavior. 


Typically when you do not like the results you are getting, your response is to first want to change your actions. Focusing on actions without first changing perspective toward the situation only produces more of the same results. If you want to produce real change, you must put an emphasis on the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.  

Ingrained Way of Being

Typically, you act and react from how you observe circumstances. This fluctuates daily, depending on:

  • Your levels of energy
  • Your moods
  • The impact of events
  • The impact of circumstances

Each of us can have a deeply ingrained way of being.  This is due to the result of lifelong learning.  Way of being can be largely invisible to you but it is operating beneath the surface of your daily existence, and has the power to run your life and shape how you perceive and respond to situations.  This way of being can work for you and against you as you continually seek to build a life that is meaningful, enjoyable and fulfilling.

Shifting Your Way of Being

Deep and sustainable change stems from shifts in our way of being.  In Ontological Coaching this is called shifting the observer.  This shift will help you generate a new way of observing the world which in turn allows you to produce more constructive and productive behaviors. You will remain who you are, yet at the same time you can also be different.

Ontological Coaching is about supporting people to expand their ways of being so that more possibilities become available in their personal and professional lives; thus allowing us to open up to new experiences and an enrichment of the process of living and being human.  For more information about ontological coaching click here.Leadership Essentials applying Ontological Awareness June 10 - 12, 2017 Baton Rouge, LA